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Inner Peace: The Awakening

Buy Soulcybin Two Bottle Bundle – 30 capsules each Online from a legit Psilocybin Microdose store in Ann Arbor Michigan usa shipping worldwide  Available in: 100, 200, 250mg

Inner Peace is a microdosing blend of Golden Teacher Psilocybe and Ginger Root Extract.

This blend is kept as simple as possible to bring you the pure effects of psilocybin, without attempting to “improve” or “enhance it” with any combination of plants or herbs. Ginger root extract is the only ingredient in this blend to help with any nausea or stomach-upset that is commonly found with ingesting psilocybin.

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Why Microdose with SoulCybin?


Buy Soulcybin Two Bottle Bundle – 30 capsules each Online According to National Geographic, psychedelic drugs have evolved from a taboo topic to one gaining acceptance in mainstream society. Microdosing mushrooms buy online Psychedelics Soul cybin Ann arbor are currently earning approval from the general medical community, even earning a designation of a “breakthrough therapy” by the FDA. Additionally, in 2020 Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology published a review which found that a number of small experimental studies found that microdosing psilocybin yields subtle, yet positive changes to emotions. Buy Microdose OnlineMicrodosing mushrooms where to buy  So when it comes to micros-dosing, SoulCybin reddit knows there is no one-size-fits-all as everyone needs a different dosage of psilocybin. Soulcybin coupon code Since everyone needs a different dosage of psilocybin, SoulCybin Legal lets you choose between capsules with 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 mg powdered mushroom with 1% of active ingredient psilocybin per capsule.

We like to think that Soulcybin reviews helps clients find the dose that works for them.
Not sure where to start? Consider trying multiple Sample Packs to find your sweet spot. Buy Microdosing mushrooms online 
While psilocybin microdosing is being considered for dealing with a range of a range of conditions including depression and anxiety, SoulCybin products bring a sense of well-being to many users.

SoulCybin website ships to the continental United States with a guarantee; if your package doesn’t arrive, we will re-ship it. No cost to you. Is soulcybin legit 


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5 reviews for Two Bottle Bundle – 30 capsules each (Get 10 Percent Off)

  1. Kentrell

    Well this was a really great product and definitely the mix of the mushroom blend with Syrian Roux makes for a longer lasting experience definitely something I want to add to my own mixtures I highly recommend this for anyone who is starting to even the psychonots. In my case I wish I had taken more or had more because the effects were so good and very healing. Would buy again 100%

  2. Carine

    This company is doing transformational things. If you’ve been considering trying any of these products out yet, but haven’t, I recommend you go all in and just do it. there is so much beauty that has come from my healing. everyone deserves to feel this peace.

  3. Duane Park

    I have used several products from SoulCybin, from all the types of microdosing capsules to the ceremonial blend and the ceremonial chocolates, and every product has been beneficial to my mental and physical health. As someone who had been struggling with alcohol addiction and abuse for over a decade, I needed some grounding and shift in perspective. This medicine gave me both of those and the positive effects continue to affect me in the best way. I have been free from alcohol addiction for over 8 months now, in part thanks to SoulCybin and their sharing this gift with the world. If you have been considering their products, I highly recommend giving them a try. Thanks to all of you at SoulCybin for making this available to us! Much love to y’all! Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort!

  4. Gareth hardy

    I ordered the Two bottle Bundle with the intent of having them for my first macro journey. Hubby spent the day with me as the chocolates took effect. They were beautifully packaged, and you can tell a lot of love went into them. During my journey, I kept feeling deep gratitude for access to this medicine. Hoping to order them once offered again.

  5. Collins

    I never knew that there was such a big hole in my being. I felt the way I always had, not depressed, but never exactly happy. But when I microdosed I became aware that I had never been quite whole, and what a difference! You don’t know what you don’t know, and until you feel the wholeness of your being, you don’t know what things could be like.

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